Our mission is to transform the way we understand the world in real time.

We are on the cusp of a new era where we can harness the huge volume of data created by machines in real-time and transform it into valuable insights that drive smart and timely decisions.

This new approach is explicitly designed for processing the volume, velocity and breadth of data from millions of dynamic machines and sensors in full fidelity. An approach that is unrelated to any other solution in existence today.


Only 2% of data created is ever kept
Microsoft, March 2022

The Team.

General System is an international company staffed by world-class data scientists, data engineers, software developers, technical innovators and sector-specific professionals.

David Peto.

David Peto


David has founded three companies, transformed industries with Apple, Sony and Hollywood as customers.

Andrew Rogers.

Andrew Rogers


Andrew designed the first sensor backends for Google Earth. He designed and performed the scalability work for Netflix from scratch.

Paul Birch.

Paul Birch


Paul is ex-Accenture, he is the co-founder of BPO start-up that was acquired by Genpact.

Ash Alex Cooper OBE.

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE


Ash is a former senior British specialist military commander and ex-Palantir.

Deniz Onar.

Deniz Onar


Deniz is ex-AWS and ex-Microsoft with a rare technology-savvy profile, combining commercial and business acumen.

Company Values.

At General System, our values define our actions and we live by them.

We hire by them, and we promote by them. We make all of our decisions based on them so they are core to our way of operating.

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Light bulb.


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General System Private Sector

As part of our vision of transforming how we understand the world in real time, we offer companies of all sizes, who create and use dynamic machine data, a new approach to data processing.

General System Public Sector

As part of our vision to create a better world, we work with the top tiers of government in every continent, to enable them to achieve better outcomes with the use of our technology. All while ensuring data dignity, privacy and control.

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