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A showcase of technical articles and expert perspectives on the world of spatiotemporal data

Apache Sedona and Databricks Comparison

Maurizio Morriello

As data grows, the need for consistent maintenance and adjustments can become overwhelming - and so can the costs. See how General System stacks up against Apache Sedona and Databricks.

Analyse out of home advertising

Maurizio Morriello

What was the true exposure of the last OOH campaign? Where did the audience go next? What are the best times and places to reach certain demographics? Geospatial analysis can help.

Unlocking insights from your fleet GPS data

Maurizio Morriello

Extracting meaningful insights from your fleet GPS data presents several challenges. A robust geospatial tool is essential. Find out more

A more scalable way to store, index and query geospatial data

Maurizio Morriello

PostGIS extends PostgreSQL database by adding support for storing, indexing, and querying geospatial data but performance issues may arise when working at scale. Find out more.

Layering geospatial datasets

Lisa Hutt

Joining geospatial datasets uncovers valuable new insights but also has its challenges. Read about layering data and some of the use cases.

The Golden Rectangle of Fashion: how to identify walking routes, dwells and co-locations

Sebastiano Ferraris

What does a day in the Quadrilatero d'Oro, Milan’s fashion district look like and how can retailers understand and respond to the complex footfall patterns?

Why Spatiotemporal Analytics Needs A New Type of Technology

Lisa Hutt

In today's fast-paced world, we are surrounded by a vast network of sensors and trackers, generating a constant stream of spatiotemporal data.

Limitations and challenges in mobility data: skewness and noise

Sebastiano Ferraris

Skewness and noise quantification to understand the challenges and pitfalls in mobility data analytics.

The challenges of working with large scale spatiotemporal data

Lisa Hutt

With an ever-increasing number of devices, machine data is growing exponentially. Organizations need to keep an open mind to unlock the true potential of spatiotemporal data.

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