Data insight in the automotive sector.

Turn machine data into smart decisions, in record time.

Flight, airport and airspace systems create massive volumes of data that's growing by the second.

The evolution of advanced driver assistance systems, tracking devices and traffic solutions is creating masses of data that's growing by the second.

Processing these large-scale workloads, especially from multiple different sources, can typically take hours or days which is often impractical. Considering that 43% of vehicles could be partly or fully autonomous by 2035, data science has a challenge ahead!

Understand the Automotive landscape in real time

Now there's a solution that allows you to realise the full potential of your data science investments by making it possible to process machine data, uncover new insights and make decisions in real time.

Designed from the ground up for large-scale spatiotemporal workloads, the solution ingests and indexes space and time data from vehicles, weather, road, traffic and other automotive data sources at millions of rows per second* making it possible to run complex queries instantly and gather insights in real time. The platform runs on as little as a single server alongside your existing data infrastructure and can be up and running in minutes.

*Mid range AWS server will ingest at 5 million rows per second

Check out the speed and scale of the solution with a synthetic dataset of 1.6 million vehicles in London. The data is based on vehicle number plates with historic movements loaded in time order to realistically simulate a real-time feed of 92.4 billion datapoints.


See it in action

Enhance your team's capabilities

Track and alert

Monitor real-time events and critical operations such as weather, roadworks and vehicle performance

Fast ingestion

Ingest and index spatiotemporal data simultaneously at millions of records per second

Uncover new insights

Feed your fleet, maintenance, traffic and driver experience models

Faster queries

Large data sets immediately available for querying

Make savings

Reduce storage and compute costs

queries made easy

Run complex, spatiotemporal queries in seconds, instead of hours or even days

Aviation Use Cases

Automotive Use Cases


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