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Aviation data is expected to reach 98 million terabytes by 2026.

As aviation data grows and accumulates exponentially, it becomes increasingly more challenging to ingest, index and analyse, especially if the data is from multiple sources, in different formats.

Reporting can typically take hours or days and the associated complexity and cost often makes analysis completely impractical.

Now there's a solution that unlocks the full potential of your data science investments so you can extract timely insights for decision-making.

Understand the Aviation landscape in real time

How does it work?

Designed from the ground up for large-scale spatiotemporal workloads, the solution ingests and indexes batch and streaming, space and time data from flights, airport, and other aviation systems at millions of rows per second, making it possible to run complex queries instantly and gather insights in real time. The platform runs on as little as a single server alongside your existing data infrastructure and can be up and running in minutes.

Run your own route analysis queries against our synthetic data set of 1.6 million vehicles and 92.4 billion data points to check out the speed and scale of the solution.


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