About General System and Excession

Our mission is to unleash the power of machine data to change our world. For the better.

We are on the cusp of a new era where technology enables us to harness the huge volume of data created by moving devices in real time, transforming it into valuable insights that drive smart and timely decisions.

The General System platform is designed from the ground up for fast, simple and cost effective analysis of moving entities. It bypasses the typical challenges of working with large scale GPS datasets, negating the need for multiple tables, data partitioning, reclustering and tuning.

With the General System platform, data teams streamline data processing, uncover timely insights and are free'd for more innovative projects.


Only 2% of data created is ever kept
Microsoft, March 2022

About the company

General System is an international technology company, established in 2016 by founders David Peto and Andrew Rogers. World-class teams of data scientists, data engineers, software developers and sector-specific professionals are based in the UK, United States and other locations around the world. The company combines the dynamism of a technology startup with the breadth and depth of experience from founders, investors, experts and specialists.

Excession - a division of General System - is focused on serving public sector clients. As part of a vision to create a better world, we work with the top tiers of government in every continent, to enable them to achieve better outcomes with the use of advanced technology. Excession comprises US and UK security-cleared staff with backgrounds in specialist intelligence, defence and law enforcement.  

The technology platform is highly competitive in the market, the core elements of which, have been in development and used by customers for well over a decade. Products and services are subject to rigorous testing and detailed, open procurement processes and are validated by the most technically demanding customers, globally.

David Peto.

David Peto


David has founded three companies, transformed industries with Apple, Sony and Hollywood as customers.

Andrew Rogers.

Andrew Rogers


Andrew designed the first sensor backends for Google Earth. He designed and performed the scalability work for Netflix from scratch.

Paul Birch.

Paul Birch


Paul is ex-Accenture, he is the co-founder of BPO start-up that was acquired by Genpact.

Ash Alex Cooper OBE.

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE


Ash is a former senior British specialist military commander and ex-Palantir.

Deniz Onar.

Deniz Onar


Deniz is ex-AWS and ex-Microsoft with a rare technology-savvy profile, combining commercial and business acumen.

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Our offices

Head Quarters
17 Bevis Marks
United Kingdom

14 Mica Lane
Wellesley Hills
MA 02481 

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Company Values

Our values define us and how we operate

Generic person.


We are inclusive and welcoming to all team members and partners, looking out for each other and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. We encourage diversity of thought. 



We are committed to working at the highest levels of integrity and have a willingness to hold ourselves and our teams accountable. We always strive to do what is right, not just what is easy.

Light bulb.


We relentlessly encourage curiosity and creativity, committed to solving the most challenging problems. We are smart about the work we do and how we do it.

Hand offering dollars.


We are passionate about our work, believing what we do will make a difference. We take personal accountability for the delivery of goals and objectives.

Our offices

Head Quarters
17 Bevis Marks
United Kingdom

14 Mica Lane
Wellesley Hills
MA 02481

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