A fast and cost effective way to

process spatiotemporal data and analyse movement

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Understanding fleet routes, dwells and productivity is a challenge

Working with large GPS datasets involves wrangling with spatial and temporal dimensions. From data partitioning to managing multiple tables and hours of data processing, conventional methods have inherent latency that can restrict timely insights.

General System's entirely new approach to database indexing and storage is a game changer for spatiotemporal analysis. Datasets, batch or streaming, and no matter how large, are made instantly available for queries that run at at record speed and minimal cost.

Imagine a project that once took hours or days to complete, now running programmatically every minute.

Understand the Transportation, Delivery & Logistics landscape in real time

How does it work?

The unique multi-attribute index on ID, latitude, longitude, and time ordering facilitates blazing fast queries, while merging real-time streaming data with historic batch files enhances models by enabling contextual lookups, triggers, and real-time alerts. The I/O scheduler reduces hardware, maintenance, and associated expenses, while continuous adaptive background resharding eliminates the need for data partitioning and ongoing tuning resources.

Together, these features empower teams to uncover timely insights, streamline data processing, and focus on valuable new projects.

Run your own route analysis queries against our synthetic data set of 1.6 million vehicles and 92.4 billion data points to check out the speed and scale of the solution.


Transportation, Delivery and Logistics Use Cases


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