Analyse consumer behaviour and retail operations at global scale and

transform insights into smart decisions in near real time.

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Spatiotemporal analytics can play a crucial role in the retail industry by enabling retailers to make informed decisions on consumer behavior, improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

However, few retailers can currently perform spatiotemporal analyses and operational intelligence at scale, either because the data engineering is too complex, too expensive or the processing takes too long.  

Understand the Retail landscape in real time

How does it work?

Mobility data insights, footfall analysis and operational intelligence are key to store efficiency and effective marketing. General System has a new approach to data processing that can ingest, query and analyse entity movement in near real time. The solution enables retailers to use historic and real-time, spatiotemporal data to uncover patterns, trends and relationships in consumer behavior and operational effectiveness. 

The technology can ingest millions of new records every second and make the data available to carry out indexed searches across multiple attributes on billions of records for real-time insights.

Run your own route analysis queries against our synthetic data set of 1.6 million vehicles and 92.4 billion data points to check out the speed and scale of the solution.


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